Our Pledge

Our pledge is to provide you with the highest quality dental care and to help you enjoy a healthy mouth and healthy teeth for a lifetime. We believe it is our responsibility to fully inform you of any dental needs you may have, your options for treatment, and the fees associated with such treatment.

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Our Financial Policy

  • OPTION 1

    We offer an 8% courtesy when you pay 100% of the total treatment plan in advance with cash or check.

  • OPTION 2

    A 5% courtesy will be given when you pay 100% of the total treatment plan in advance with a credit card.

  • OPTION 3

    We have a financing option with Care Credit. We can process the application over the internet and have results within minutes. They offer up to 12 months no interest to you, as Dr. Karr and Dr. Hardee pay it for you.


You can schedule one appointment at a time and pay for treatment as you go. No courtesies will be given.


We are happy to file your insurance claims for you, however no courtesies will be given when we are waiting on insurance payment. If you would like to pay 100% of the treatment plan total in advance and have your insurance company reimburse you, then we will offer the cash or credit card courtesy.
If you have insurance, we are happy to submit your insurance claims for you. We will also do our best to provide you with an estimate of your benefits. A percentage is due at the time of service. If your claim has not been honored within 45 days, please contact your insurance company; a 1% monthly (12% annual) finance charge will be applied to any balance over 90 days.

All insurance estimates are STRICTLY ESTIMATES based on current information in our computer files. In the event that your insurance carrier pays less than the estimated amount, you are responsible for the unpaid balance.